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Summer stay for seniors
Weekend in Poland
4 Seasons In Zakopane
Music Tour
Music Tour
Pomerania, 4 nights
Wieliczka Salt Mine Trip
From € 42EUR/person
Cracow Days Tours
From 125 EUR/ group (up to 20 person)
Cracow Days Tours by melex
From 12 EUR/person
Tatra Mountains
Tatra Mountains and Zakopane Full-Day Trip

From 150 EUR
Auschwitz-Birkenau trip
From 33 EUR/person
Cycling Tour In Poland
Welcome to Poland, in beautiful country. This country is interesting in history, architecture and
amazing nature. Mountains and nature are the heritage of Poland.
Welcome to Zakopane, Kroscienko over the Dunajec river and National Park Pieninski. Active rest and unity with nature!
These trails are for those who have come to rest in the Polish Tetras and want to spend time actively

Monday to friday  8:00 - 16:00

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Travel Agency Terra Tour Cracow
Summer stay for seniors
Weekend in Poland
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