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Auschwitz & Salt Mine
One Day Tour

11 hours

Every day (except holidays)

Oświęcim 70km from Cracow
Salt Mine 12km from Cracow

20 languages available:

English, Polish, Slovak, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc….

About Tours

You will visit the 2 most important historical places around Cracow, both of them in the world heritage list of UNESCO, Auswitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt mines. This day tour starts in the morning with the visit of Auswitz. The trsnfer is aprox. 90 min, once you get there you will visit the two zones of Auswitz, the work camp and the extermination. After a pause for lunch you will move to Wieliczka to start the underground tour of the salt mines and the museum.
During your visit in Wieliczka you will see the 3 levels of the mine, located 365 m underground. Every level will teach the life of the workers, the history of the salt mine and the running of the mine. After the salt mine you will be transfered to the pick up point.

Recomendation and observation:

✓ Comfortable outfit
✓ Own snacks and water.
✓ Take your own mask for Wieliczka
✓ Original wooden barracks of Birkenau;
✓ For the 3rd level of the mine there is a 10 € fee for taking photos
✓ Lunch break can be changed for a dinner break if the trafic from Auswitz takes to long.


From 75 EU/person

Tour included:

✓ Tickets to museum;
✓ Profesional guided;
✓ Transfer


Travel Agency Terra Tour Cracow
Summer stay for seniors
Weekend in Poland
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