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Polish Food

Polish cuisine is delicious and definitely worth trying.
Polish food can be grouped into two classes. There are traditional old favorites and then there is the food that you see served in many of the restaurants and modern homes in Poland.
In the major cities you will find certain restaurants that advertise Polish food. In them you can find the old favorites and other less often seen old Polish recipes.
Despite of  growing numbers of international restaurants in Poland, polish cuisine is getting more and more popular again. You can find many places  that are specialized in polish dishes like 'pierogarnie' where you can eat best pierogi.

Visiting Poland without trying Polish food is like being in Paris and not seeing Eiffel tower.
When you will be in Poland you should try: bigos, pierogi, polish sausages, kotlet schabowy, gołąbki and many more. Polish people loves soups: chicken soup, tomato soup, cucumber soup and so on. If you are in Polish mountains you need to check out oscypki-  cheese made from sheep's milk.

It's tradition that polish meals are heavy and fatty but no worries, you can burn all those calories taking a walk around beautiful Polish cities.

Polish meals aren't full without desserts! Everyone loves cakes and pies, especially: cheese cake, apple pie, sweet poppy cake. Polish people even celebrate doughnut day.

Enjoy your meal!
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