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Conference at the castle

Do you want to waste a sophisticated, original, unique conference in an old castle, the walls of which hides the secrets of kings?
Castle rooms, menus and professional services will give you an unforgettable experience.

We provide conference services:
- help in choosing a castle and conference rooms (Internet access, Flipchart, Screen, Projector, Microphone)
- Avtokaru rental
- food, coffee break
- booking a castle hotel room
- excursion in the castle

We offer conferences in the castles of Poland:

Gniew Castle - the beginning of the castle's construction dates from 1290, a castle from the 1940s was built. It was the most powerful knight's castle on the left bank of the Vistula River, which served as commander. Currently, the castle hosts tournaments of knights, handicraftsmen, summer camps and other eventsz.

Kliczków Castle - The history of the castle begins in 1297, when Prince Bolko I Stern creates a wooden fortification near the Kvisi River. From that time, the "nomadism" of the castle began from hand to hand, and each subsequent owner added something, including something modern in interior decoration.
The most important modernization was carried out at the end of the 19th century. This fashion allowed architects to combine styles and draw inspiration from various sources: English Gothic, Italian Renaissance, German Mannerism. Elements of these styles can be seen on the facades and interiors of Kliczczuk Castle, especially in the beautiful Theater Hall. Park on 80 hectares around the castle was designed entirely in the English style.

Castle Krasiczyn - located on the road Przemysl-Sanok, near the passage through Xiang. Zamok belongs to the most beautiful monuments of the Polish Renaissance. His construction began at the end of the seventeenth century, and Stanislav Krasytsky, a descendant of the nobility, who was considered one of the most prominent patrons of Poland, turned a strict fortified castle, built by his father, into a magnificent, grand residence.

The Joannit Castle was built on the isthmus of two lakes on a hill surrounded by a historic park with many natural monuments. A defensive tower dominates over the castle, visible within a few kilometers. The castle has a command chamber, a torture chamber and a cavalry room.
The construction of the castle began in 1350. In 1810, the Castle became the property of Prussia.

Śmiłowice Palace - Getting started should be somewhere between 1074 and 1123 years. Formally Smilovets belonged to the property, originally the prince, and then the royal family. At different times, the palace performed a different function, and after the war  was a shop, post office.

Palace Alexandrium. In the park around the hotel there was a manor house, which was associated with the fate of many historic figures. In addition, one hundred years ago the owner of the estate was Stanislav Grabovsky, son of Stanislav Augustus Poniatovsky and Elzbety Grabovsky.
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